Firstly I need to address some problems and mistake I believe I have made throughout the project. Firstly and maybe most… however I actually registered the address! Prone to mistake like these due to my dyslexia, I even double checked it before registering and yet still managed to spell it wrong somehow. Next and almost definitely worse but a similar mistake is that on my page of the catalogue I wrote that I expected to use around 30000 images in the making of the video… my intension were of an estimate of 3000. However I actually I montage nearing 8000 still images.

On to the video itself. In the creation of the video I had a chance to experiment further with my inks and water dispersion series carried out in previous work. However throughout this body of work I pushed my experimenting ever further. Using a varying array of set ups and materials from U.V inks to water temperatures, even trying to shoot from in the water itself I feel I may have reach a point where I am happy with that aspect of the work. The other photography of the natural elements needed, were given a little less care to compositions and aesthetics qualities as I knew they were going to be cut up, edited and montaged into a completely different image. Although after a lot of patients, care and frustration I am pleased with how the time-lapses of the plants in particular are developing. The technique is really coming along.

Editing is another aspect to the work to which I feel I need to talk about. The editing of the photographs themselves was of a reasonable standard. The montaging technique is something I have become accustom to applying in my digital based work.  However in attempts to colour match each natural element of the work to corresponding ink may have oversaturated colours in certain frames. In the editing of the video, as I was using a completely new program and style that I have never tried before, I feel torn. Part of me is pleased as using near 8000 images, over 26 frame layers, for 25 frames per second, placing each individual 0.1 second long still frame in its place is no small task. In al the editing of the video alone took over 140 hours. I was also very pleased with the editing of the music, cutting the track from 9.32 to a modest 2.37 without loosing any of the fractal elements or loosing the so important and irregular Fibonacci inspired rhythms.

Relatively please with the exhibition itself the issued I feel I could have improved on were firstly the quality of the video on the screen I used was I bit off. Having a Mac at home where all the work was designed, edited and created I thought if it ran perfectly on my Mac then it would run the same of the Mac provided. I was wrong, the resolution was off and it led to small lines across the screen in parts of the video. I now believe that my mac can run a higher definition and this will be addressed before London. Furthermore I feel I lack contribution in the fund raising aspect to the exhibition due to genuinely not having the free time due to work commitments and the 140 hours on creating just the video, never mind shooting and editing the photographs to.  Hopefully I have made up a little for that by volunteering to distribute flyers on two occasions. Also as I had very little to set up in the preparation to the exhibition so was on hand to paint walls and assist people with their work when I was available.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the opening of the exhibition, again due to work commitments, however I was able to be present for the last few hours.

A last aspect I would like to discuss is the Blog. This was a refreshing change from doing a standard visual diary and has helped me in adding more relevant media into my work (videos and music) also I feel happier about the presentation as in previous bodies of work im aware of how I have always lost marks on my presentation and writings.  It has given me more confidence in an area I have little, maybe because of my dyslexia. I feel that I have made the ‘posts’ shorter than I would have an entry in a visual diary, partly because in the blogs I’ve research, many of the most popular have short but to the point entries. Secondly, because I am a more visual person and want the blog to represent myself as its there for everyone to see. The only problems i have encountered with displaying my visual diary this way is the uploading of my contact sheets to the blog. The media upload at word-press couldn’t handle the sheer amount of images and so adding images individually was so time consuming. also if i had the time to upload all the images this way, i wouldn’t of been able to anyway as there is a space limit in which it would well exceed. However i did find a almost adequate solution. Although this is the reason there is a lack of media nearing the end of the BLog. I feel the Blog was a success, this is mirrored by the traffic it has had especially since the exhibition. Even more so as no promotion has happened other than the exhibition catalogue and artist specific postcards.

Shown in this screenshot