After Roughly planning and designing the content for the video I now have a better idea of what type of techniques I will need to carry out to achieve the desired affect. After a little research these links and video bare similarities to the techniques I will be using myself.

Splash Photography Technique



 DIY Studio Silhouettes –

This Video I’ve added with the scene including the human fractal elements, the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems.  With the initial idea of using an artist’s manikin this set would prove informative. However it is a little long.



Time lapse photography: how to shoot stunning sequences without any

A lot of the photography I will be carrying out will be in the form of time-lapse photography. Having only a little experience around this area of photography, this article has informed me further giving me a greater understanding of the technique.


Photoshop Montaging Techniques –

 A significant amount of montaging will be carried out using Photoshop CS5. This article explains, a lot better than I could many of the tools and techniques that I use in the montaging techniques I often adopt in my work.  I have chose this article because it uses paint splatters in the tutorial, which is a content with properties very close to my own.


 Abstract photo ideas: get creative with oil and water –

As I have already create works including the photograph of ink dispersion in water, I am eager to experiment, taking the idea further. Along with shooting multiple series using different lighting setups, temperatures of water, marbling and surface inks, U.V inks, using an O.H.P, different textures are also an path I would like to explore further. This article has given me a good Starting point.


Here are some scans of rough lighting set ups I have sketched. Apologies for the poor quality, they have lifted from my tiny note pad I carry round for ideas. I Almost didn’t include them they are of such poor quality.