Now I’ve created a shortlist of the content I could possibly include within the video I’ve sketched out a few ‘scene’ designs with ideas for possible movement within each scene. I am by no means talented with a pencil so please ignore the crude sketches. The red arrows represent the movement in the frame and the numbers correspond with its own content.

UPDATE: I have yet to upload the images of the designs as i am struggling for media space. They will however be uploaded after i purchase more Media storage space by the end of the day today 29/05/2013

Scene 1


  1. A representation of planet earth using inks – Marbling or surface inks would be best. Shot from above using green, blue and white inks.  Maybe use an O.H.P to project the image upon a screen creating a circular image for me! The motion as indicated by the red arrow is for the ‘earth’ to rotate slowly, with a slow enlargement until filling the screen.
  2. As the earth will start small, it will need to be set upon a ‘space-like’ background. This item is a filter I know of in Photoshop, lens flare. It will add to the desired aesthetic.
  3. Will in fact be a black background with white spots that will represent stars. I know from previous shooting of ink in water, when you fill a large glass container with water, tiny bubble form on the glass. When using a black background in the studio and forgetting to wipe the glass of the bubbles before splashing the inks into the water that it really ruins your photographs. But before the ink goes in it resembles a starry night sky.

Scene 2

  1. Clouds – Due to their fractal nature using a photograph of a cloud would have a strange visual impact being cut from its background and placed upon the bold colours of the inks. With that in mind I may hand draw a template for the cloud, being sure to include spirals: a key symbol in the video. The whites of the cloud will be its own sequence of white ink dispersing in front of a black background- may give a stormy effect
  2. Again I don’t think I have A. the technology needed B. the snowy climate to photograph snowflakes, so these will be hand drawn stencils.
  3. Will be a silhouette of a mountain range. Taken from a photograph I fear that I may have to make I very think to form a barrier between the sky and ground (5 and 6) After a certain amount of time of the snow. ‘snow’ will come down from the mountains. Maybe use white paint dripping down a black piece of card?
  4. Using the same hand drawn snowflake’s as before in 2, These one will instead be black and will rotate and fade away as the white paint runs down… furthering the snow effect.
  5. Blue ink sequence to represent sky.
  6. Green ink sequence to represent grass/ground

Scene 3

  1. Starfish – one of my favorite fractals.  I have already been in contact with aquatics wale to arrange a photo shot with them, along with being in contact with Bristol zoo to visit their aquarium for a shoot. Hopefully I can get images of it upon the glass of its tank!
  2. Blue ink sequence representing sea
  3. Coral – Will definitely be able to shoot in the above-mentioned places. Didn’t have this in my shortlist but a brilliant fractal! Maybe have the coral move up and down slightly, to further animate, simulating the oceans current… could make the animation look bad though!

Scene 4

1-    Base image for a tree – Hopefully demonstrating fractal growth in tree, taken from a silhouette photograph of a tree, ill create a stenciled outline of a tree.  In sync with the music the tree will expand, but each expansion is the original tree silhouette repeated on a smaller and smaller scale.

2-    Withing the Stencil outline there will be a brown ink sequence representing tree bark.

3-    Representation of  the final tree.

4-    Ill fade in trees onto the tree

Scene 5

1-    Sequence of leaves falling, use a wide selection of leaves. Shot on a black background to make them stand out.

Scene 6

1-    Daisy of some kind or a sunflower – Sunflower could take to long to grow! Animate the growth up and flowing of plant, with it slightly spiraling if possible.

2-    Photograph sequence of butterfly’s – The plan is to as with the tree scene make a stencil outline from the images I take removing the butterfly natural colourings.

3-    The natural clourings will be replaced with a sequence of surface inks. The butterfly is to flap in, land on the flower, turn around and flap out.

Scene 7

1 – Bees – Have many sequences of bees scurrying in and out of frame. Image will be limited due to foreseen problems in  finding bees.

2 – ideally I will find a natural honeycomb patter I can photograph and use as a stencil, if not I will have to create one, one that doesn’t get all out of shape at one side like in my drawing!

3 – Sequence of surface inks to represent the honey… maybe if possible link the butterfly surface ink as a scene merger… Also there is a high possibility the bees may get lost against its background!

Scene 8

1-    Spider web – Photographed cut and montaged as the background layer.

2-    Bee – Link from the previous scene – Merger!! Fly’s in gets captured and dies

3-    Centre of the spider web – Mandelbrot set  – Tribute to the founder of fractal geometry. The entry and exit point of the spider. Have the Mandelbrot set zoom out – end of scene maybe end of video!

4-    Spider – Rotates in and out of the – Eats the capture bee

Scene 9

1-    Maybe most difficult scene – Animation of man, walking back and for banging against the walls in dismay of being trapped by classic geometry representation (6) use artist manikin or paper puppet? Within the man will be 3,4,5… they will alternate between each other in time with music.

2-    Ink sequence – Corresponding color alternation to 3,4,5.

3-    Circulatory system- Drawn or maybe a stock website –RED

4-    Nervous system and brain  – Drawn or stock website – GREEN

5-    Respiratory system – Drawn or stock website –BLUE

6-    Classical geometry representation – Bordered around the whole Frame, trapping the man… inspired by Piet Mondrian, a Famous Dutch Painter.

Scene 10

1-    Sequence of smoke against black background

2-    Sequences of high-speed photography capture bird flight – Archery place in Oxwich have a bird sanctuary and bird of prey place… Get in touch!

Scene 11

1-    Similarly to the previously used clouds photographing the sun and using that to montage wouldn’t look right, Another hand drawn spiral influenced stencil. The stencil will be layered over a yellow/orange ink sequence.

2-    Snail – Spiral shell will move from one side to another, similarly to the sun.

3-    Green ink sequence for ground

4-    Dandelion growing from the ground silhouette.

5-    Similar to the mountain range silhouette, but to form a line for the snail to follow.  Can be kept thin this time however.

Scene 12

  1. Another complex scene – Spiral sequence of ink – Shot in a sink maybe?
  2. A turtle in time lapse moving from the center of the spiral to the edge of frame.
  3. Ink/Paint foot prints from the center of the spiral to edge of frame. I wanted to use a fingerprint in the video but this is just as good.
  4. Chameleon Following branch growth from center of spiral to the edge of screen.
  5. Plant growth – To be repeated from the center of the spiral – Will try shooting using live vine on a light box, however from passed attempts I know this doesn’t give the completely desired effect. A friend of mine when I spoke to her about it suggested the use of after effect of flash so I might take a look at that, create an animation and from that create still to give the desired ‘Fractured’ aesthetic.

Scene 13

Peacock –another of my favorite fractals natural and animals. The peacock will walk into frame; turn to fact the viewer walk/zoom in. until it starts its zoom it will have its tail feathers down. At the start of the zoom, the feather will appear layer by layer fading in. when they are all present one feather will start to enlarge quicker than the rest and the peacock…. engulfing and fading them out. Shown in the second of the two sketches this feather will continue to expand.

1. Within the black spot of the tail feather will be globules of U.V inks and oils in water being rotate. Again maybe on the O.H.P for lighting and the circular affect.  This ink sequence is a representation of Galaxies, stars and space – Could be a good end – Links back to the beginning.