G-Nie Arambulos Boysen print ad campaign ‘Flowers’ won a Bronze Lion at the 2009 Cannes International Advertising Festival. This was the second ever Cannes Lion award won by the Philippines and first ever in the print category. Arambulo explained in an interview that every individual part of the photographs (each petal, each color, each stem) was shot individually with actual splatters of Boysen Paint, high-powered, high-speed flash, a Hasselblad camera, and a Phase One Digital back. These images were then merged together to form the final images. This method of working I suspect will be a similar to the methods I will use, shooting all the images separately and later digitally merging them together.   The project required “perfect timing, along with the right combination of lights, equipment, skill, and perseverance.” From a distance these images may look like other  macro photographs of flowers, only upon closer inspection is it clear they are incredibly more than that. These flowers were not from Mother Nature but, rather, man-made through and through…

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The layering method adopted by Arambulos s, creating what is effectively a montage of images is what i have taken most from the works. This technique has led me to thinking of using a different style of editing for my video, previously i made a single frame containing all the content and then ran each frame next to one another…. However now i believe a more pleasing aesthetic can be achieved by running a multitude of frames layered upon each other simultaneously. In doing so id ‘should’ have more control of the animation of each still image within each frame.