Land art is a form of art, which involves using physical landscapes to create art, forcing people to view the art in context, and taking the provenance of art out of the museum and into the outside world. People have been creating works of art with landscapes for centuries, but the modern land art movement really got going in the 1960s, when American artists began creating land works on a large scale. Today, works of modern land art can be seen all over the world, sometimes right alongside much older pieces of land art created by people who lived thousands of years ago.

This type of art is sometimes referred to as Earth art or Earthworks, and it can take a number of forms. For example, the Spiral Jetty, a famous piece of land art created in 1970 in the Great Salt Lake, is made with a collection of stones, salt, and mud. Reshaping the landscape is a common feature of land art, as in the case of artworks, which are created by carving into the landscape and moving components around. People can also add things to the environment to create land art, ranging from imported stones to structures made with regionally available material. It is also possible to landscape installations with the use of plants. In all cases land artwork is immovable, but not necessarily unchangeable.

In fact, one of the major distinctions between this type of art and most of the art one sees in the museum is that land art is designed to evolve, change, and eventually decay. Some works of art are quite ephemeral, persisting only for a few hours or days, while others are deliberately exposed to erosion and wind so that they become distorted over time. The evolution of the Earthwork is part of the appeal for myself.

Although technically and maybe even conceptually land art appears irrelevant to my own project, I have found lightly researching into the area and some important land artworks has sparked creativity in the process of creating the content to the natural elements sequences in my video.  Here are a few of my favorite examples of Land art.

Spiral Jetty – Robert Smithson

Land Art

Sun Wheel – Richard Shilling

land art 2


Fall – Walter Mason

land art 4


Cracked Rock Spiral – Andy Goldsworthy

 Land art 3]

 The Above Video  Rivers and Tides 2003 is a 90 minute documentary regarding And Goldsworthy and his works