“The beauty and variety of nature, and the answers to some of life’s questions can be found very close to hand.” (Burge 2011)

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Burge said she accidently found her ink and water art form after developing a repetitive strain injury that forced her to stop painting, Burge’s initial artistic outlet. As for what inspires her unique work it is obvious to me we need look no further than the natural world.

Burge uses natural processes to produce images that reflect natural phenomena. When working with ink in water, heat, evaporation, chemical reaction, turbulence etc. are used to build up her intricate and otherworldly images. The resulting pictures therefore reflect natural processes, which we see around us. Burge’s work has representations of fractals and other concepts, which are present within my own work, including the Fibonacci sequence.

To create the works, Burge takes over two hundred images and carefully picks the perfect ink creations at just the right stage. This is a method of image selection that I already had I’m mind for my own video. Shoot large sequences of images containing the dispersion of the ink in the water, later editing and removing any parts of the sequences that are undesired.

Now an artist in residence at exeter University, she’s investigating “artistic flow visualisation,” collaborating with scientists who specialize in fluid dynamics, and using equipment in the lab to create these images. I find this really interesting I will no doubt have further research into the artistic flow visualization, as the visualization of flow and depiction of fluidity is a subject matter I find myself constantly drawn to.