Alberto Seves0  is an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. In his latest series A Dui Colori, Alberto photographs plumes of ink underwater. The textures, detail and organic shapes are absolutely incredible. Alberto Seveso   creates these mesmerizing underwater landscapes, rich in detail and color by taking high-speed photographs of ink mixing with water. The fluidity of the ink creates a the visual deception of a material that is virtually unrecognizable, almost suggestive of billowing fabric. Ribbons of color swirl and unfurl in stunning, kinetic formations that call to mind coral and other flora and fauna upon the ocean floor. Alberto Seveso underwater ink photographs exhibit vibrantly saturated color and texture… romantic yet otherworldly, upon viewing the images I have a deep desire to touch it.

For me however the talent and creativity Alberto Seveso in making something as simple as ink in water look so captivating. Each photo, in his latest series, captures duos of vibrant pigments, entwining in the most breathtaking and sensual way. It is this aspect of the work that I feel will take influence most upon my own, regardless of the similarity of techniques and methods. Although Seveso’s images are dramatic and impressive, the overall aesthetics aren’t right for my own work. The images are high in texture and detail giving the images an almost sculptural aesthetic,  however I envisage my own works to be far simpler with the focus within my ink images drawn away from texture and details, however with more emphasis upon shape and colour.

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