This series of the dispersion of ink in water when shown in exhibition were printed in massive scales. The impact of which must have been genuinely dominating. Although many of his works are indeed poorly lit, out of focus; some even contain scratches and blemishes I still find them completely intriguing. On the other hand, he has a keen compositional eye, often making visual patterns out of everyday objects that most people would overlook. Tillmans provides few signposts in aid to reading his images, and establishing links between them and unlike the great photographers and artists, he has no individual, recognizable style. Tillmans for me is an experimenter, a dabbler, and a trait I am coming to see within myself. Considering this I feel we should consider Tillmans less a photographer as such, yet more an artist working through the medium of photography, which may help explain his disregard for conventional photographic norms. His work is not so much based on content or the photograph as a referent, as the way in which a motif is depicted. He experiments with the possibilities of representing the world through the photographic image. For me  the images themselves are beautiful and one of the original inspirations into my experimentations with ink.

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